Svetlana Fedoseeva

I am a researcher at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University of Bonn.

I hold a master's degree in economics and a doctoral degree in agricultural economics from Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. While at JLU, I investigated trade flows and international prices on agri-food markets. With a focus on analyzing the pricing-to-market behavior of exporters, I extended empirical models of trade by incorporating the underlying long-run nonlinearity of economic relations. The results of this research received several awards, including the JLU dissertation prize, the Wolfgang Ritter award, and the GeWiSoLa Prize.

My current project in Bonn is on food pricing in e-commerce. I work with large datasets to analyze price levels, price premiums,  between- and within-retailer price dispersion, price rigidity, and pass-through of global shocks and political decisions to prices.  

Under Research, you can find my published work on international  trade and e-commerce
You can contact me at my university mail (at)